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Improving Your Construction Company

Why Type 4 Enclosures Should Be A Top Priority For Your Indoor Lab Or Outdoor Work Site

by Douglas Watson

Do you work in a medical facility or a sensitive lab environment? Do you work in an outdoor area where there is always a lot of dust kicking up or you have to worry about exposure to the elements? Whether indoors or outdoors, there are a variety of situations where you might stand to benefit from NEMA Type 4 Enclosures. NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and its enclosure rating system is used to describe just how good an enclosure is at keeping water and dust out. Here's why your business might want to stock up on some Type 4 enclosures if you haven't already.

Type 4 is One of the Strongest Ratings Available

The NEMA rating system has multiple levels to it. But all you really need to know is that a Type 4 rating is one of the highest ratings available. A Type 4 enclosure can protect whatever is inside of it from a wide variety of things, including harsh weather and every last speck of dust on the ground or in the air. You should put your important or valuable equipment or materials inside a Type 4 enclosure when you need to guarantee that it will remain in pristine or perfect condition.

Type 4 Enclosures Can Protect From the Sun's UV Rays

One of the key benefits that a Type 4 enclosure can provide is protection from the sun. If you have something positioned outside where the sun is going to beam down on it at all times, you need an enclosure that will completely surround these materials and fully block the sun's UV rays from causing harm.

Type 4 Enclosures Will Keep Water Out Even During a Bad Storm

A type 4 enclosure is also excellent for when you need to ensure that not even one drop of water breaks through the enclosure and gets inside. If you live in an area where thunderstorms or hurricanes are frequent, a Type 4 enclosure can give you better peace of mind about whatever you are storing outside.

Type 4 Enclosures Ensure Your Lab Workers Don't Have to Worry About Dust

Type 4 enclosures are also widely used by medical professionals and scientists who need to operate a "Clean Room" where dust won't be allowed inside. If your job requires deep cleaning the entire room at even one hint of possible contamination, a Type 4 enclosure can ensure peace of mind about whatever is being stored inside.