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Improving Your Construction Company

About Scaffolds And Times When You May Want To Rent One

by Douglas Watson

Scaffolding is used during construction jobs, renovation jobs, and routine maintenance tasks. If you are in the process of preparing for a job, then a scaffold may be something you will need to have at the site. However, unless you are opening your own business and will be needing a scaffold a lot in the future, you will find it financially beneficial to rent one instead of purchasing it. This saves you money, and it also prevents you from needing to find someplace to keep it if you are already limited on storage space. Here is more on scaffolds.

What is a scaffold?

A scaffold is an elevated work surface that's put in place temporarily, for the purpose of the job that's currently being done. There are also different types of scaffolds that can be used for so many projects. Two of the more commonly used scaffolds are supported scaffolds and suspended scaffolds. 

A supported scaffold is one that sets on the ground in one place while the worker stands on it to work. These scaffolds are commonly used for things like working on a two-story home or working on the first couple of floors of a building. 

A suspended scaffold is one that is attached to something like the structural members of the building. These are more commonly used for things like doing repairs to a tall building. 

You want to understand that there are different types of scaffolds in the above-mentioned categories.

What are some ways scaffolds are used?

As mentioned above, scaffolds can be used on many jobs. However, they can help with a job in different ways as well. 

Hold a worker: The scaffold can be used solely to home the worker while they work on something. For example, a worker can stand on the scaffold while they wash the windows of a tall building. Or, they can stand on the scaffold while they paint the reachable part of a home or building. 

Hold the equipment and materials: Along with supporting the worker, the scaffold can also be used to hold the equipment, tools, materials, solutions, and other things the worker needs to have with them in order to tend to the job. As long as the materials don't exceed the weight limit and fit safely, they can go up the scaffold with the worker. 

Lift the materials: Some scaffolds are used in order to lift materials to a higher level where the workers that are on that level can reach them. 

What are the benefits of renting a scaffold?

Any time you have a project to do and you or anyone else working the job with you will need to go to a floor that's the second floor or higher, you should consider renting the scaffold. In some cases, it can be delivered right to you and picked up when you are done for an additional fee. Renting the scaffold allows you to use it for as long as you need, then you can return it after you are done. When you rent scaffolds, you will always be able to rent and use the best one for the job.

For more information on scaffolding rentals, contact a company near you.