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Improving Your Construction Company

Important Attributes To Get In Blades On Casing Scrapers

by Douglas Watson

If you plan on getting a casing scraper as to remove deposits from casings, then you want to spend a lot of your focus on the blades. They will be performing integral cleaning actions and because of their role, you want to try getting these particular attributes out of this component.

Appropriate Arrangement

When looking for the right blades for a casing scraper, you don't want to just focus on their construction or sharpness. What also matters is their orientation. If you don't get this right, then you may not be able to get all of the deposits out from an oil casing.

Look over different scrapers to find blades that have the appropriate arrangement to remove as many deposits as possible from casings. Then the time you spend setting up a casing scraper will be worth the cleaning results you get thanks to the blade's orientation. 


If you purchased a casing scraper that had blades permanently incorporated onto the body, then you may have a hard time maintaining the blades. For instance, it might be harder to keep them clean after removing scale and other things.

Whereas if you get blades that can be removed, you'll have unlimited access to the blades. They will be a lot simpler to clean since nothing will be there to restrict your reach. Once you get done cleaning these blades thoroughly with special products, you can equip the blades back in place and have better cleaning performance.

Resharpening Support

After using a casing scraper for a long time, the blades will eventually become dull. You won't have to replace them if you get a scraper with blades that accept resharpening support. You may just need to purchase a special sharpening kit or have a professional company perform this maintenance step.

Either way, you'll be able to get the blades back to their original sharp nature and that's going to help the scraper work a lot better. Most importantly, you won't be constantly buying additional blades for the scraper that you rely on for deposits in casings.

Casing scrapers are easy to find on the marketplace, but with so many options, it becomes important that you focus carefully on the blades that come with them. Make sure they have the right layout and designs so that when you clean casings, you get nothing but amazing performance without performing a bunch of extra steps. To learn more, contact a company that provides things like oil well casing scrapers.