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Improving Your Construction Company

Efficiently Absorb Chemical Spills And Disinfect Surfaces

by Douglas Watson

Lubricants and solvents that contain chemicals may be used in day-to-day operations. Although your employees may not encounter much spillage when pouring a product, proper protocol should be followed to ensure that a spill is cleaned up swiftly and without disrupting everyone's workflow. In rare situations, a large spill could be encountered and this could pose a threat to your workers, especially if an uncontained product is near an ignition source or if spillage occurs in a poorly-ventilated area. 

Use Chemical Spill Absorbents

Chemical spill absorbent products include absorbent pads and rolls. Liquid chemicals are either water or oil-based. There are chemical spill absorbents that are designated solely for oil-based chemicals and ones that are classified as universal and that can be used to treat either a water-based or an oil-based spill. Additionally, there are absorbents that are deemed necessary for hazardous waste materials that are aggressive in nature.

An aggressive chemical would be one that could infiltrate quickly into a room, compromising the air quality or that could burn skin or cause lesions to form if the product were to come into contact with a worker's exposed skin. Purchase absorbents that are suitable for the type of products that are used in your business. If both oil and water-based chemicals are used, a universal absorbent or one that is deemed essential for hazardous waste materials will be essential.

Absorbents that are constructed of a thick material that can be laid on top of a spill will essentially prevent a spill from spreading to another part of a floor and will conceal odors, which could cause respiratory distress.

If a product has been spilling for a while, due to being placed on a shelf improperly or because of a damaged container, liquid may have seeped across a large portion of a floor. In this type of situation, absorbent rolls should be used and your workers should be temporarily led outdoors until the person or cleaning team has successfully identified the spilled product and has been able to clean the liquid from the floor.

Sanitize And Dry Surfaces

During the administration of absorbent products, employees who are performing the cleanup process should wear face masks and gloves. Once an absorbent product has been used to clean up as much of a spill as possible, contaminated absorbents should be disposed of with other hazardous waste. Each surface that previously had a chemical on it needs to be sanitized and dried, prior to assigning people back to their respective work areas.