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Improving Your Construction Company

The Unique Properties Of Square Flanges And When You Might Appreciate Them

by Douglas Watson

When you think of flanges, you envision these round hunks of metal that are essentially flat and fit into pipes. The pipes are typically for the transport of fluids, and an example would be the big round pipes used to transport crude oil long distances. The flanges used are all lipped flanges, and can be clearly seen in photos of oil pipelines. 

However, there are other flange types and shapes, most notably a 6x6 stainless steel flange square. Square flanges have some very unique properties, including their shape, which sets them apart from all other flanges. Here are their unique properties, and why you might appreciate those unique properties in the long run. 

Square Means Flatter

Round flanges can get pretty flat, but when you have a square flange, you have a shape that easily meets the flattest surfaces and fits into angled adjoining flat surfaces with ease. This makes square flanges ideal for bolting to concrete floors, walls, ceilings, and even areas where floors meet walls and ceilings. Any space even remotely left between the back of the flange and the surface to which it is bolted is negligible. 

Square Flanges Can Insert Square Tubing into Square Pipes

Square pipes are unusual, simply because they contain internal edges where solids may become trapped. However, under the right circumstances, such as the transport of gases, square pipes work just as well as round pipes and may fit better in tight areas. A square flange with attached square tubing can fit its own square tubing inside other square tubing or pipes for a reinforced pipe that is difficult to damage or get apart. 

Square Flanges Fit Tight Spaces at Angles Round Pipes Cannot

Round pipes and round flanges can be created with different elbow attachments to create different angles, but the angles are not true angles because the pipes and flanges themselves are too round to create actual angles. Square flanges and square pipes, on the other hand, create true angles because they are comprised of square materials. Squares are four right angles put together to create a shape.

These square flanges and square pipes, therefore, are already equipped to make perfect right angles and angles greater than 90 degrees. You can fit these square pipes and flanges around tight spaces because of their unique geometric properties owing to their squareness. If you have an area inside a factory or industrial plant where round pipes and round flanges are not cutting it, try square pipes and flanges instead.