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Improving Your Construction Company

See The Amazing Things Welding Hoods Can Do Now!

by Douglas Watson

Remember when you were a young welder just learning your craft in a training class? Welding hoods were definitely hoods back then, and made of leather that covered your entire head, neck, and shoulders. All that was visible were your eyes, and those were heavily guarded by the eye shield. Well, welding hoods have come a long way since then. Just check out below all the things these hoods can do now, what they are made of, and what they look like. 

Carbon Fiber Welding Hood

More like a bullet-shaped motorcycle helmet than anything else, these hoods are hard-shell, various colors, and glazed over to be quite shiny. You can be stylish as a welder while you are working. The manufacturers of these hoods definitely knew that. The high-tech eye shields are something to see as well. They allow you to see your work in low light and bright sunlight, indoor light, and overcast outdoor light. 

Carbon Fiber Pancake Hoods

These hoods are the minimalist approach to welding protection. They are so named for the flat-as-a-pancake circular face shield that has an eye shield and two wide, adjustable Velcro straps that wrap around your head. You will have to find some other means of protecting the rest of your head, face, and neck. The welders who use these hoods do so because they have to fit themselves in tight places up close to the objects they are welding. The lack of the rest of the typical hood means that they will not get stuck in these tight spaces trying to squeeze their big, hard shell helmets through. 

Auto-Darkening Helmet

These helmets or hoods have eye shields that immediately respond to bright light, sunlight, and showers of sparks by darkening the eye shields to protect your eyes. If you do a lot of welding work outdoors, on oil pipelines, or near flames, then the auto-darkening feature is something that may be quite beneficial to you. It does not come standard on every welding hood either, so you will have to find a hood or helmet that promotes this particular feature. 

Wilder Styles

Welding helmets that look like skulls, or are painted with skulls and tattoo motifs, exist. Dinosaurs, lizards, patriotic motifs, sports motifs, lightening, and flames are available as well. A lot of your younger welders these days are choosing to buy welding helmets or hoods that they feel represent them and their interests personally. 

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