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Improving Your Construction Company

Keep People Out Of Your Lot: Here's How

by Douglas Watson

Showing up to work each day only to see a parking lot full of vehicles that don't belong to customers, clients, or employees can be troubling. When you finally find yourself circling the lot waiting for a spot to open in your own lot, you'll realize that keeping unauthorized people out is something that cannot wait. What measures can you implement?

Wood Levers

Wood levers, or "arms," are affordable and easily installed with either a keypad or intercom system. When someone arrives, they'll be met with the lever and will then need to enter a code that's only been given to those who belong there or press the button to speak with one of your people.

Of course, this won't deter foot traffic. If your building has a great cafe and word has spread, walkers can still make their way there. Levers may work best if your budget is small and you only want a simple barrier.

Rolling Gates

Gates, unlike wood levers, should wrap around the entire lot. This means stopping both foot traffic and vehicles.

If you can afford it and zoning allows for it, a gate can make your building and lot secure and protected from anyone who shouldn't be there. If you deal with sensitive information or have clients with a huge need for privacy, gates are preferred. Entry can happen through intercoms or keypads, just as with wood levers.

Remember that you'll also have to contend with the maintenance of the gate. That may mean some repair costs or replacement of certain gate portions; setting aside funds for that is wise.

Steel Bollards

If you want a solid way of blocking cars on the lot, stationary and retractable steel bollards could be appropriate. A row of stainless steel bollards is strong enough to block vehicles from lot entry unless they are granted access. Some bollards can then retract into the ground and allow them to pass.

Even if they don't retract, stationary bollards are still smart. If your building front is made of large glass windows that face the lot, the bollards will lower the chance that vehicles will accidentally break them. If bollards are close together, they can deter foot traffic so that it's harder for people to wander into the lot for any reason.

With these details, the number of vehicles in your lot should thin out so that employees, clients, customers, and you all park easily. For more information about installing stainless steel bollards, contact a company such as Traffic Protectors.