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Improving Your Construction Company

Problems With The Boom Lift On A Utility Truck

by Douglas Watson

The boom lift is one of the most important parts of a Hi-Ranger utility truck, as you can't perform certain repairs for customers without it being functional. If your boom lift has stopped moving to the fullest extent that is designed to do, there might be several things that are causing the problem. Depending on what is causing the boom lift to malfunction, you might need to get it replaced in order to resolve the problem. Take a look at this article to discover a few things that can cause problems for a boom lift.

1. Has Rust Accumulated on the Boom Lift?

If you have been using the same Hi-Ranger utility truck for numerous years, the boom lift might be about to stop working altogether. You must understand that a boom lift can get old as time passes by. Rust may have accumulated on the lift throughout the years and is interfering with how freely it is able to move. In some cases, it is possible for a contractor to get rid of rust to resolve the problem, including oiling the lift up. An old boom lift will likely be too severely rusted to be repaired, so you might have to purchase a new one for your truck.

2. Is Your Truck Low on Hydraulic Fluid?

Your utility truck might not have any major problems that are causing the boom lift to malfunction. It is important for you to keep hydraulic fluid in the truck so the lift can move as it should. Hydraulic fluid plays a major role in boom lift operation because it is what gives the hydraulic system the pressure that it needs to lift the boom up. If a low level of hydraulic fluid is the problem, you should simply get more poured into your truck. However, it is possible that the hydraulic lines or cylinders are in need of being replaced, such as if they are damaged and causing fluid to leak out.

3. Are the Piston Rods in Bad Shape

A utility truck must have functional piston rods in order for the boom lift to function. Piston rods are important because they help the boom lift extend to high heights. Damaged piston rods can easily be replaced by a contractor. However, keep in mind that the hydraulic pump can be the root cause of piston rods not functioning. Find out if the pump is in need of a repair.

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