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Improving Your Construction Company

Advantages Rubber Grommets Have Over Metal Grommets

by Douglas Watson

When you are faced with the problem of replacing grommets in the products your factory produces, do you replace them with different metal grommets, or do you opt for rubber grommets? Rubber grommets seem like they would be too cheap and would not last. However, there are several advantages rubber grommets have over metal ones. Here is just a sampling of those advantages.

Rubber Grommets Do Not Rust

Metal grommets almost always rust, unless you use high-grade steel grommets. Rubber grommets never rust. If you buy high-quality rubber grommets, they also do not deteriorate as rapidly as low-quality rubber grommets and are much more durable.

Production End Costs Are Lower with Rubber Grommets versus Steel Grommets

High-grade steel grommets are more expensive, which drives up the price of production and then drives up the end costs for both your factory and for the consumer who wants to buy the products from you. A grommeted tarp with rubber grommets costs less to produce and therefore costs the consumer less money at purchase. You could still produce tarps with high-quality steel grommets, but they will end up under your more expensive, upgraded product lines.

Rubber Grommets Do Not Conduct Electricity

While the fact that rubber grommets do not conduct electricity may seem like a non-plus, to electrical and construction contractors who are working in the rain this is definitely an advantage. They will not feel the zap of electricity from live wires or storm electricity if they are touching rubber grommets during a tie-down of their tarps. This is important when they are attempting to cover unfinished electrical work too. Rubber grommets used in factory machines may also be useful from the standpoint that they can block the flow of electricity or prevent electrical arcing.

Rubber Grommets Are Heat-Sealed, Not Crimped

Rubber grommets are heat-sealed into products, not crimped like metal grommets. This means that the rubber grommets hold fast and tight, and will not tear products when products (like tarps) are tied down really tight. As such, your products will have fewer defects and last longer for the consumer, definite benefits that will yield ongoing profits and customer loyalty.

Rubber Grommets Double as Gaskets in Some Products

Because rubber grommets are circular and made of a sealing rubber, they can sometimes double as gaskets in certain products or machines. If you have not explored this option or use for rubber grommets, consult a company like Accurate  Products Inc. that makes them. They will be able to provide you with a spec/data sheet and instructions on how to use rubber gaskets as grommets.