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Improving Your Construction Company

How To Creatively Reuse Mailing Tubes

by Douglas Watson

When you receive items packed in a cardboard mailing tubes by Erdie Industries or other shipping companies, think twice before throwing it into the garbage or recycling bin. There a variety of eco-friendly ways that you can reuse the tubes all throughout your home. They also come in handy during kids' craft projects.

Here are a few ways you can breathe new life into a basic mailing tube:

1. Hanger Helper

After spending time washing and ironing your pants make of cotton, silk or any other wrinkle-prone fabric, the last thing you want to find are creases when pulling them off of the hanger. No matter how carefully you store some clothing items on a hanger, they will still wrinkle. One way to eliminate that problem is by cutting a cardboard mailing tube across the entire length, and then slipping it over the bottom of the hanger. 

When you drape the pants over the smooth, rounded tube, they will be less likely to wrinkle. Just make sure that the tube is clean to avoid staining your garment. 

2. Christmas Light Storage 

Rather than storing your strings of Christmas lights in tangled heaps in the bottom of a box, simply wrap them around long cardboard mailing tubes to keep them knot-free. You can secure the ends of the strings with a bit of tape to keep them from unraveling. This method will also work for any decorative ribbon, yarn, twine that you want to store. 

2. Craft Caddy

If your child's craft supplies are all over the place, use mailing tubes to keep them organized and all in one place. Use a knife to cut the tube into equal sections, about the length of toilet paper rolls. You may need to use more than one tube if have a lot of items to store.

Decorate the tube sections with wrapping paper, contact paper, craft paint stickers or stamps to create a customized look. Next, find a small box or a tray that is large enough to accommodate the vertical tubes. For instance, a shoe box, which you can also decorate, would be the right size to hold approximately six tubes. 

Apply hot glue around the circular end of a tube and firmly press it onto the bottom of the box or tray. Attach the remaining tubes, lining them up in a neat row or rows, depending on how many you have. You can then use the tubes to neatly store pens, pencils, crayons, markers and scissors.