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Improving Your Construction Company

Selecting A Cold Rolled Steel Sheet With The Right Surface

by Douglas Watson

The surface finish for steel can affect how resistant the steel is to corrosion. For example, a coarse polished finish will have grooves that allow for the gradual accumulation of chloride ions. This can lead to corrosion. The importance of surface finish is determined by a variety of factors, including whether the steel will be used in a corrosive environment, like a coastal location. Usually, the process of creating cold rolled sheet metal will produce steel that has a better surface than hot rolled steel, but there are several methods that can be used to further improve the surface. You will need to understand the surface of a particular sheet of cold rolled steel to determine whether it is suitable for your product.

How Cold Rolled Steel Is Made

Cold rolled steel is steel that is rolled to its final dimensions far below scaling temperatures. They are pulled through rollers rather than being drawn through a series of dies. At some point, the cold rolled steel has a protective oxide surface added to it. This allows for the steel to still have the smooth and slick surface.

Why Some Sheets Have Defects

While cold rolled steel usually as a superior surface, there are reasons why defects might be introduced. Scale can cause the steel to develop seams, which are broken lines that travel the length of the sheet. Loose metal can sometimes be accidentally rolled into the sheet and will produce scabs. A corner might accidentally be folded over, rolled, but not welded into the metal. These defects can be chipped or ground away during production. However, if you discover cold rolled steel that is finished and contains defects, you may decide to purchase different sheets.

Choosing Among The Surface Options

There are several options that cold rolled steel suppliers will offer that may be useful depending on what you will use the steel for. If you need a rougher surface than usual, such as when engaging in porcelain enameling, you will need a rough matte. Light matte is ideal if you need more reflection after painting. Brushed bright is ideal for if the product will be electroplated. Commercial bright is also ideal for electroplating, especially when a reflective surface is needed. You can also simply choose a regular matte that has a uniform, dull surface and is ideal for painting.

When you have begun using a certain type of steel for prototyping, there is no substitute for proper testing. Even if a particular surface seems like it is ideal for your application, you will only truly know after sufficient testing. But in many cases, cold rolled steel is the best option.

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