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Improving Your Construction Company

Is Water Flowing Slowly? Clean Out Your Own Ventilation Pipes

by Douglas Watson

If you have slow-flowing toilets and drains, the problem may be your drain ventilation pipes, and you could possibly fix the problems on your own. These are the pipes that stick out of the top of your home, and they get clogged with leaves, acorns and other debris.

The air pushes through the tubes and pulls the water through your plumbing system into the waste pipes or septic tank. If air can't pass through, this can cause slow drains. If you have water coming back up in your pipes and you don't know it, or water that is trapped, you can end up with odors, bacterial problems and more. Here are a few things you can try to do on your own.

Clean the Tubes

If you feel comfortable getting on your roof and you can do so safely, clean out the tubes and extract all the debris. You may need something to dig debris out from deep in the tubes, or if there is a clog you may want to use a drain snake. You can buy a drain snake at any plumbing supplies store.

Cover the Pipes

Covering the pipes with screens is the easiest way to prevent more debris from clogging the system. There are special screens you can pick up at a plumbing supply store, or you can purchase screen cloth and use rubber bands to hold it in place over the pipes. You'll want to check on these frequently.

Professional Services

You can use the drain snake that you got for the vent pipes and use it in the toilets and drains to see if this help. If these tips don't work you want to have a professional plumber come to the house to see what is clogging your pipes or preventing the water from flowing properly. You could have a blockage in one of the main sewer lines, or there could be something breaking into a sewer pipe, like a tree branch, stopping the water from passing through.  

The longer you ignore the problem, the worse it's going to get, so don't put off getting the pipes and drains cleaned out. A plumbing supplies store like Barstow Industrial Supply will have many products to help you repair and maintain drains, pipes and other plumbing features in your home. You should inspect pipes and drains regularly to help maintain their functionality. If you don't know how to do certain repairs, or don't feel comfortable doing so, make sure to contact a professional plumber.