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Improving Your Construction Company

How To Upgrade A Chain Link Fence For Aesthetic Appeal

by Douglas Watson

Whether you have chain link installed or if you are weighing the options for installing a new fence on your property, you may believe that you'll be stuck with a result that lacks luster. Though chain link fencing often gets a bad rap for lacking in aesthetic appeal, it's the cheapest option for enclosure, and with a little creativity it can be made into something spectacular. So if you are reluctant to make the installation because of the lack of curb appeal or you're living with a plain perimeter, consider a few ways you can upgrade chain link to make it great on any budget.

Paint Your Fence

An old fence, or one that has a minimal amount of rust can always be painted with aluminum paint. Though this requires that you remove the rust and debris before you paint, the results give you a protected fence that looks just like galvanized metal. Simply scour rust away with a wire brush, remove grass and obstacles at the ground level, and run a nap roller along the links one side to the other.

Consider Artistic Upgrades

Artistic upgrades can mean weaving weather resistant fabric, ropes, plastic fibers, or even cups throughout the links in creative patterns. You can actually use any material that speaks to you to create large patterns for privacy, or try colored or shadowed murals using large expanses of your chain link. Metal threads work well too, for a monochromatic mural. If you're artistic and want a canvas that's unusual, get creative, because there's a growing body of artists that are working with this medium to create eye-catching art.

Use Commercial Aesthetics

If you aren't an artist, but want an appealing look that updates your chain link fencing, consider commercial aesthetic inclusions that you can buy and weave through your fence. Commercial aesthetics include colored slats that you can work to create both privacy and patterns, colored wind screen, fake hedge decor, and reed fence that can be attached directly to your fence.

Slats that you can weave in patterns are available in different materials, like PVC or aluminum, and can be purchased in different colors or left plain white and painted later. Since slats can be found everywhere from hardware stores to outlets online, you can get access to cheap materials for upgrading your fence almost immediately.

Go Au Naturale

The best way to upgrade your chain link fence is to vine climbing plants on it, for both privacy and beauty. Though you have to research what plants work best for your climate, and climbers can take a while to cover your fence, this option will completely cover your chain link fence over time and make it into something incredible.

Consider grapes, which are appropriate for a wide range of climates, passion vines, bleeding hearts, creeping figs, jasmines, or morning glories for a pop of color that lends to your home year after year. Staggering multiple plants along your perimeter or even alternating different climbers will upgrade you fence and help coverage happen faster. Flowers love coffee grounds too, so avoid hitting the trash with remnants of your morning brew and toss them on the climbers instead.