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Improving Your Construction Company

3 Tips For Making The Most Of Compressor Seals

by Douglas Watson

If you operate any kind of plant that involves the use of compressors, you'll need to be sure that you do everything possible to keep up with the maintenance. In terms of keeping a compressor in the best condition possible, you'll need to be sure that you focus on the seal. This seal allows your compressor to facilitate gas, fuel, air, liquids and any other operation without worrying about leaks or losses of pressure. Because of this, you should consider some of these tips and use them to your advantage. 

#1: Always Stay Up To Date With Your Seal Upgrades

The best way to keep your compressor in the best condition possible is to get a new seal whenever you need it. The newer the model, the better, as your seal will only wear down throughout many uses. It is time to get an upgrade when your compressor is no longer operating efficiently, but you should never allow conditions to get to that point. Seals are typically manufactured and sold based on whether you require low thresholds of approximately 750 psig, or higher rates of seal pressure, reaching upwards of 4,200 psig. Regardless of what types of seals you need, always make sure that you are looking toward upgrades. 

#2: Understand How Your Water Line Comes Into Play

The condition and efficiency of your water line will depend heavily upon the health of your water line. For instance, when water lines are blocked for any reason, you will begin to notice that pressure decreases and you are not able to get the performance you once enjoyed. The buildup of scale can also take place throughout your water line, which will have a detrimental effect on the temperatures that your compressor operates with. 

#3: Get Routine Professional Service On Your Compressor Seals

If keeping up with period maintenance schedules is a little bit outside of what you are used to, it pays to get the help of a professional who can look out for you. There are a number of strategies that these licensed contractors employ that will keep your seal secure and your pumps operating at optimum speeds and temperatures. Since your plant relies upon these compressors, you can think of a service plan with these maintenance professionals as a quality investment into your business. 

Follow these three tips, so that you are able to get the best out of your compressor seals. For more information, contact a company like Phoenix Specialty.