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Improving Your Construction Company

Why Stainless Steel Matters To Homeowners And Their Gas Heating Systems

by Douglas Watson

Homeowners considering upgrades to their gas heating system may think about things like BTUs or about how many rooms need to be heated. However, one important aspect of upgrading a gas system is about the connectors used in it. If your gas heating system still has brass connectors, installing stainless steel connectors with your new system is a good idea.

Stainless Steel Hoses And Connectors Lengthen The Life of Your System

Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion more so than many other metals due to its chromium content. The connectors on your heating system can endure serious corrosion from gas components moving through them. Over time, traditional brass connectors have been found extremely susceptible to iron oxidization, commonly referred to as rusting. By replacing the brass connectors on your system with stainless steel, you can help to avoid the cost of replacements in the future. Brass contains zinc and copper, which is highly susceptible to corrosion, thus making brass also susceptible to rusting and corrosion. Brass connectors and tubes with higher levels of zinc than copper are found to have more resistance against corrosion. Learning what the ratio is of copper and zinc in your connectors may be challenging, which is a good reason to simply choose stainless steel connectors and hoses.

Important Considerations About Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

When upgrading your heating system, replacing brass tubing with stainless steel braided hosing is a good idea. This is especially true if you are making repairs that involve the replacement of brass connectors with stainless steel ones. However, making the right choices about pressure and velocity values is extremely important. For example, if more pressure flows through a hose than is intended by the manufacturer, the result is usually failure. In the case of your heating system, failure of stainless steel braided hoses could mean the difference in being warm on an extremely cold night. Flexible steel hoses have various types of pressure descriptions, each one determining an aspect of liquid flow and its impact on the hose. One system may require greater detail about surge pressure than another that needs more attention to burst pressure levels. Choosing the correct pressure rating for your stainless steel hoses helps you experience longer use from your system.

Taking the time to do your research about your gas heating system and what is best recommended for its optimum performance is smart. Choosing stainless steel connectors and hoses can extend the life of your system. Checking out more information about stainless steel hoses can also be helpful for learning what other appliances you can use stainless steel in as well, giving you even more opportunities for saving more money. You can talk to a company like Liberty Hose & Supply Inc to learn about other uses for stainless steel hoses.