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Improving Your Construction Company

Overflowing Dumpster At Your Apartment Building? Tips For Managing All That Trash

by Douglas Watson

If you own or manage an apartment building, then you may face the dilemma of having building residents who discard so much trash every week that the dumpster begins overflowing and making a mess. Once dumpsters fill up, residents may even begin placing their bags of trash on the ground where they attract raccoons and other pests. Overflowing dumpsters annoy current tenants, and they give potential tenants a very bad first impression of your building that may lead to them not even bothering asking for a tour of the inside. 

If you are having difficulty managing all that trash, then try one or more of the following solutions to help keep trash inside the dumpsters, where it belongs:

1. Begin a Recycling Program at Your Building

If your problem is not too bad, then you can consider starting a recycling program at your building. A lot of that excess trash may be recyclables, and many people won't go out of their way to save their recyclables and drive them to the closest recycling facility. It can be more of a hassle for many people than they feel it is worth. 

You can go about this a few ways. One option is to hand out the correctly colored recycling bags to all residents, and instruct them to sort their recyclables into these bags before they throw out their trash. You can then have a staff member collect these bags once a week and take them to the local recycling plant. 

Another option is to look into a local company that will provide a special dumpster for residents to put their recyclables into, and then come and pick up the recyclables on a regular schedule. This option is much easier and more realistic if you manage a building or buildings with more than just a few tenants. 

Not only is this a good option for managing overflowing dumpster, but it is great for the environment, and it may even attract new tenants who appreciate an eco-friendly apartment building. 

2. Rent More Dumpsters

If you have a larger trash problem that you don't feel can be tackled just by having a special dumpster for recyclables, then realize that you can rent extra dumpsters from many private dumpster rental services. You don't have to replace your city dumpsters with these, but instead just use them as additional trash receptacles to collect the overflow from your city dumpsters. 

The great thing about dumpster rentals from private companies is that you can arrange trash pick-up on a schedule you choose. You can have automatic pick-up once or twice a week, or you can arrange to just call the company when the dumpsters are filled. 

You also typically have various dumpster size options, so you can choose to rent one large dumpster to fit in a bigger parking lot, or you can rent several small ones to squeeze into small spaces if you have a smaller apartment grounds. 

If the dumpsters of the apartment building you own or manage overflow often, then it is time to start managing all that trash more efficiently. Overflowing dumpsters on your apartment grounds are health hazards, annoy your current tenants, and can make future tenants think twice about renting an apartment in your building.