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Improving Your Construction Company

Important Reasons Retail Stores Need Polymer Shelving

by Douglas Watson

Are you considering opening a retail store? Are you looking for shelving for your back room or warehouse area? Here are some reasons why you should consider using polymer shelving for your needs:

Doesn't rust: Metal shelves may start to rust or oxidize as they start to age. They may start off galvanized, painted or otherwise have a surface that has been treated to minimize decay. However, small dings or dents could start to wear through this surface coating and allow it to rust or oxidize. On the other hand, polymer shelving does not rust or oxidize. Most polymer shelving is also slotted, which helps to maximize potential water runoff. If your roof suddenly springs a leak, you will only have to worry about the merchandise directly under the leak and not the shelf itself, nor will you have to worry about the water damaging merchandise several shelves over.

Strong: You may be looking at metal shelving for its strength. But polymer shelving can be just as strong, or even stronger, than many metal shelves. When comparing polymer and metal shelves, make sure to check the rated strengths of each and not simply go by appearances.

Lightweight: Metal shelves can be heavy and difficult to move. If you want to be able to reorganize your warehouse area for various seasonal uses, you'll want shelves that are lightweight. Polymer shelves can be much lighter than similar metal shelves, allowing you to move them when and where you need them. You will also need fewer employees to move the shelves when it's time to do so, helping to lower your salary costs.

Low cost: Polymer shelving can be much less expensive than metal shelves, for a number of reasons. Not only is plastic usually less expensive than metal to produce, its lighter weight means that it costs less to ship. Spending less on your shelves means that you'll be able to spend more money on inventory or on other important areas of your business.

Sanitary: If you need to store food items, they should be kept as clean as possible. Metal shelves need to be manually cleaned and sanitized frequently, in order to guarantee that they are germ-free. In contrast, polymer shelving can be coated with or contain various antimicrobial agents. These antimicrobial agents will automatically keep the germ count on your shelves low. Although you will still need to keep them free of dust, polymer shelving with antimicrobial agents incorporated will give you one less thing that you need to worry about.